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Grillo DOC Tenuta Sallier de La Tour

Grillo DOC Tenuta Sallier de La Tour

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Hybrid of Catarratto and Moscato of Alessandria created in the late 1800s by Baron Antonio Mendola, Grillo wine embodies the acidity and fresh, citrusy and herbaceous aromas typical of Catarratto and the sweet and floral ones of Moscato. Used starting from the 19th century mainly in the province of Trapani for the production of Marsala, today it is interpreted in a modern key to obtain fresh, aromatic and pleasantly drinkable wine.

Tasca D’Almerita farm cultivates vines on five different territories in Sicily - Regaleali, Capofaro, Sallier de La Tour, Tascante and Whitaker (island of Mozia) - each with its own characteristics.

Vintage: 2021

13,5% vol, 75 cl.

Contains sulfites.



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